recording and extra audio

2007-12-03 06:57:36 by misterLietaert


We (A+) managed to get a studio in January!! =D
When we find a guy who can record we will be recording some more songs...
I hope that we can record about 5songs..

The movie of our concert is still not in our hands so no extra audio maybe we will have it at Xmas =D
That is then my gift for newgrounds ^_^

More news online soon


PS: below you can see our new lolo =P
PSS: You can still visit our myspace or our Official Site ^_^ and leave a comment =P

recording and extra audio


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2007-12-06 15:05:30

Haha, cheers mate!

Nog ene van west-vlaandern =D
Goeie punk, gitarist is echt goe!
Zanger doet me denken aan mn eigen stijl, hij kan gelukkig wel hoger zingen dan ik, maar de liedjes lijken goed op de mijne :D

Veel succes met junder band!