2008-01-06 05:33:13 by misterLietaert


The last 3 days we (a+) recorded 7 (!) songs in a studio =D
4 song with veeeery good quality and 3 songs where we only recorded the pilotversion
A big 'Thank you' to Bart, Katrien, Johny and kortrijk!!

Bart is now mastering the audio and will send me the CD this week...

During the recording we also took some photos and made a movie =D
Today i'm gonna put them together and post it on youtube 8P (link will follow soon)



recording and extra audio

2007-12-03 06:57:36 by misterLietaert


We (A+) managed to get a studio in January!! =D
When we find a guy who can record we will be recording some more songs...
I hope that we can record about 5songs..

The movie of our concert is still not in our hands so no extra audio maybe we will have it at Xmas =D
That is then my gift for newgrounds ^_^

More news online soon


PS: below you can see our new lolo =P
PSS: You can still visit our myspace or our Official Site ^_^ and leave a comment =P

recording and extra audio


2007-10-30 14:55:01 by misterLietaert

Last weekend we played on Bamboerock in Marke..
It was a good play and we have recorded almost all the songs! =D
So more of me and my band online soon =D

Hankie=>"The drummer of A+"

PS: If you want to hear some more recordings of us (but in not so good quality go to our Myspace

PSS: If you want to see some pictures of our gig, you cn PM me =D